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Willoh S Weiland

Willoh S Weiland


Willoh S.Weiland is an artist, writer, curator and the Artistic Director of Aphids. In 2015, Willoh won the prestigious ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art (Finland). The selection committee described her projects as "deeply serious and deeply humorous in equal measure. They are also spectacular, epic and impossible to ignore". As part of the prize, she will create a work for the 2016 ANTI Contemporary Arts Festival.

2016 projects include Spooky Action at a Distance with James Brennan at the Schwindelfrei Festival in Mannheim, Germany and Howl at the Festival of Live Art with Lz Dunn and Lara Thoms. Willoh's Space Trilogy was three works focused on connecting diverse audiences to the concept of infinity by collaborating with scientists and artists. From 2013-15, she directed Aphids project Forever Now, the third in her trilogy of works investigating the relationship between art and space. Launched at MOFO in 2015, Forever Now was an international project, a response to the Voyager records of 1977, resulting in the curation of a new 21st Century golden record. The first two works in the space trilogy were Void Love and Yelling at Stars. In 2015, Willoh directed Tristan Meecham's Fun Run at the Ansan Street Arts Festival, South Korea and at the ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Finland.

Past Aphids projects include Game Show and The Drive-In Project, both large-scale interdisciplinary works created with community arts groups in early 2014; a national tour of Thrashing Without Looking, a live-cinema and performance work experienced through virtual reality goggles; Computer Boy, a contemporary performance work commissioned for Performance Space, Sydney; Fever Beach and Exile, interactive digital artworks for the iPhone and iPad and Atelier Edens, a research project investigating the creation of cross-artform works in remote areas.