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Artefact is a ceremony for obsolete technology.

It commemorates the mysterious phenomenon of brand disappearance from Blackberry, to Nokia, to Atari. It is a tribute to the immortal consumer icons we have internationally adored and the intimate and fickle ways we worship them.

At this interdisciplinary event, we will farewell the products that have formed us with performance, sound, documentary and pathos.

It will take place in Kuopio's Puijo Church and from there we will move to a mysterious no-one’s land on the city's outer edge to witness the burial of our own Artefact.

This inter-generational work has been created with the community of Kuopio and features some of its best loved choirs and death metal singers.

Docklands Residency

Library at the Dock - 2-3 August, 11-6pm

Community workshop

Library at the Dock - Wednesday 3 August, 6-7pm


artist residency, Finland
12 August - 4 November

ANTI Contemporary Art Festival

28 October 2016

6pm-7pm Puijo Church (Taivaanpankontie Street 3)
7.30pm- 9.30pm Technopolis (next to the skate park on Savilahdentie Street 4)

No entrance fee


Conceived and Directed by Willoh S. Weiland
Performance created by Willoh S. Weiland and JR Brennan
Music Direction and Original Composition by JR Brennan
Artefact by Susan Cohn and Willoh S. Weiland
Collaborating artists- Matthew Gingold, Julian Crotti, Emile Zile, Shocker_TV

Produced for ANTI Festival by Elisa Itkonen
Produced for APHIDS by Rosemary Joy and Claire Portek
Production Assistant- Anu Rantonen

Cinematography- Kim Saarinen (FI)
Conductor and Score- Anna Antikainen (FI)
Video editing and operation- Matthew Gingold
Technical wizardry- Joshua Gardiner
Sound Engineer- Jari Tuomainen (FI)
Photography- Bryony Jackson
Graphic Design- Rebecca McCauley


Puijon Kamarikuoro Choir
Nuorisokuoro Beat Choir
Ella Raatikainen / Taidelukio Lumitin Kuoro Choir

Antti Boman / Demilich
Aku Oksala / Messiah Paratroop
Jani "Nate" Pylkkänen / Hellboozer Union
Janne Partanen / Hautajaisyö
Lauri Ruotsalainen / Distress of Ruin
Markus Laakso / Chaosweaver
Ossi Maalampi / Funeral Home
Petri Raatikainen / Hellspirit
Ville Yrjölä / Kruor

Katri Antikainen
Ossi Putkonen
Kevät-Lilja Kautto
Uniela Fabricius
Pihla Väisänen
Edith Polon
Patrik Törhönen
Anniina Dyster
Elsi Gorski
Riikka Tolonen
Inka-Leea Hakkarainen
Vilma Pakkanen
Oona Nykter
Anne Kautto
Sanna Hiltunen
Tommi Lindman
Arni Hiltunen
Päivi Itkonen
Kristiina Korpela
Ilkka Hiltunen
Marja-Leena Hiltunen
Taina Rytkönen
Aino Manninen

Valentina Karga
Pietre Grandry
Mikkel Sommer
Marianne Mulvey

Partner Organisations

Kovakivi Stone Company, Tampere
Alias Creative, Kuopio
Puijon Kivi Stone Company, Kuopio
Rosanna Funeral Home, Kuopio


Lasse Hartikainen
Davina Adamson
Raymond De Zwart
Deb Sleeman
Tomi Paasonen

Artefact is a co-production by ANTI - Contemporary Art Festival and Aphids Events. The project is supported by the Saastamoinen Foundation and the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

ANTI Contemporary Art Festival
28 October 2016
Photo: Bryony Jackson (main image)
Pekka Mäkinen (production photos)