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Metaverse Makeovers in Shanghai

Metaverse Makeovers in Shanghai
Aphids in association with JUE: Music + Art presents

Metaverse Makeovers in Shanghai


Iridescent pearls, black diamonds, orchids, phosphorescence, and neon lights in hot pink and ultraviolet shades...

A multi-faceted concept - Metaverse Makeovers fuses intimate Augmented Reality (AR) enhanced beauty treatments, streamed and networked installations, 3D photoshoots, and exclusive AR cosmetics range featuring a prismatic palette of special FX holograms.

Audiences will receive exclusive AR manicure treatments, and neon-style love and pampering, experienced within the sleek surrounds of Hollywood Club's VIP rooms for JUE - an annual open-source arts and music festival.

Created in collaboration with Chinese nail bar technicians of Shanghai's underworld - Metaverse Makeovers is a trans-global re-envisioning of the future of make-up, highlighting the complex surfaces of China’s beauty, luxury, and technology industries.


Director/Producer/Convergent Media Design: Thea Baumann
Augmented Reality Design/Development: Ben Ferns
Web design: Pachinko Pictures
Performer/Face of the Metaverse: Shian Law
Film: Adele Wilkes
Sound Design: Katharine Neil, Alex Akers


Date & Time: Saturday 24th March, 2012, 9pm – 1am // ONE NIGHT ONLY
Location: Hollywood Club, 46 Yueyang Lu, near Dongping Lu, Shanghai
Dress: Black. Hot Pink. Ultraviolet. Diamonds + Pearls.
Cost: Free entry. 130 RMB with Manicure. 100 RMB hologram cocktail

Hologram Manicures are limited so pre-order your treatment by emailing metaversemakeovers@gmail.com



Metaverse Makeovers has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

This event will be live-streamed to the web from Shanghai HERE