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A Singular Phenomenon

A Singular Phenomenon

The Malthouse Theatre and Aphids presents

A Singular Phenomenon

An epic earworm.

"Artfully crafted and almost impossibly beguiling...Aphids has crafted a brilliantly screwy night at the theatre." Herald Sun

2015 Green Room Award nomination for Contemporary and Experimental Performance

Like a massive game of 20 questions, A Singular Phenomenon celebrated one of Australia's most loved and loathed cultural icons. Through a maze of acid trips, stadiums & 'the birth of multiculturalism', this show invited audiences to explore the inner world of a very particular song and the eccentric life of its creator.

Stretching across five decades of personal, political & pop history, A Singular Phenomenon swerved between intimate revelation and global megalomania. Part rave, part theatre restaurant, this work was a communal meditation on appropriation, the cult of personality and the evolution of cultural stereotypes.

Unraveling through a series of unexpected clues and interactions, audiences were invited to take part in one of the countless iterations of an Australian hit that refuses to go away.


Documentation of A Singular Phenomenon can be seen here.


Created by Lara Thoms with Aaron Orzech & Liz Dunn
Sound Design - Robert Jordan
Lighting Design - Katie Sfetkidis
Set and Costume Design - Lz Dunn & Lara Thoms
Original Project Development - Tristan Meecham
Production Manager - Bianca Eden
Stage Manager - Tia Clark
Assistant Stage Manager - Caitlyn Livingston
Production Assistant - Kate Brennan

Performed by Angus Ingram, Anna Orzech, Ben Booker, Catherine Ryan, Corey Pugh, Don King, Ellie Frith, Eugene Schlusser, Ingrid Homburg, Jamie Sormann & Jake Goldenfien, Joe Dolce, Kenzie Larsen, Kiki (Libera Luisetto),La Voce Della Luna choir, Lin Van Heck, Liz Dunn, Lucky Pereira, Mark Saul (Scotch College), Marty Shlansky, Matt Hickey, Molly Whelan, Pietro Barbagallo, Reuben Cumming and Shian Law.

This project was supported by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body and the City of Melbourne through its 2015-17 Arts and Culture Triennial Program.
Merlyn Theatre, Malthouse Theatre
21 - 23 May 2015

Photos: Bryony Jackson