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Crawl Me Blood

Adelaide & Barbados
Crawl Me Blood

Vitalstatistix in association with Aphids

Crawl Me Blood

Halcyon Macleod & Willoh S. Weiland

"What a joy and a privilege to see a work of such scale and lightly worn ambition so early in its life, and at a time when economic, and, concomitantly, aesthetic austerity is the name of the game."

“It was a wild place, untouched, above all untouched, with an alien, disturbing secret loveliness. And it kept its secret. I’d find myself thinking, what I see is nothing – I want what it hides.” Jean Rhys

Crawl Me Blood is inspired by the work of Jean Rhys, whose book Wide Sargasso Sea, expounds the landscape and complex race relations of post-colonial Dominica. This work in development will include a radio docu-drama, live artwork and sound installation using the sinister Eden of the tropical garden and the gossip-ridden, music-blasting medium of live radio to explore the myths we make of paradise.

Crawl Me Blood has been developed during residencies at Fresh Milk Barbados and Vitalstatistix. For the 2015 Adhocracy residency project, Halcyon Macleod and Willoh S. Weiland worked with ten South Australian artists to explore the theme of ‘longing for paradise’, including romantic notions of landscape versus reality and dislocation. The collaborators created short audio works, which were integrated into a mockup installation. The residency allowed the team to experiment with a dynamic layering of audio and visual worlds, and physical experience.


13 April - 16 May
25 May - 5 June, 2015
Showings: 6-8 June, 2015
April & July 2016
Presentation about work in progress: 7 July 2016, ACMI X

The artistic team will continue developing the material towards a presentation in 2017.

Artists: Halcyon Macleod & Willoh S. Weiland
Composer: Felix Cross
Sound Design: James Brennan
System Designer: Matt Daniels
Actor: Zahra Newman