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Atelier Edens Wilderness Lab

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In December 2011, artists Louise Terry, Matthew Gingold, James Hullick, Geoff Lillemon, Bindi Green, Anita Fontaine, Thea Baumann and Willoh S.Weiland were in residence in the incredible environment of the park. With its eery seaside cliff faces, ghosts stories and large cannons, it was a very simulating and spooky environment in which to work. Emerging artist Rachel Ferry joined the team on a wilderness secondment as our resident documenter and videographer as part of the Aphids Supermassive Program.

The artists were joined by Creative Environment Enterprises who worked with them to implement carbon neutral offsetting measures so as to conduct the laboratory with as little impact as possible.

In embarking on the Wilderness Lab component of Atelier Edens project there were a few questions to be answered by the artists and Champagne Valentine, who came from Amsterdam for the project:
How can differing community groups engage and explore the park?
How can the creation of an app engage and connect inter-generational and multi-cultural community groups in a mixed reality experience?
How do you integrate mobility, motion and migration into the functionality of the app to achieve positive mental, physical and social health outcomes?

These were some of the challenges facing the Atelier Edens artists and Champagne Valentine as they undertook R+D at the Point Nepean site to map and design the Atelier Edens app with the support of VicHealth and Parks Victoria.

VicHealth has developed the MOTION: Arts, Physicality and Social Connection Program to get individuals and communities to increase their physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. Through MOTION, VicHealth has identified range of non-traditional arts activities that provide opportunities for active participation. Atelier Edens is an innovative and creative project that challenges us all to experience a healthy and active lifestyle in different ways.

The development at Point Nepean National Park was time to generate narrative, content and assets through a hands-on exploration of the park site with the aim of creating an artwork that encourages new communities to embrace the wilderness beyond through new technologies.

To develop the APP the artists walked trails, climbed trees with bird watchers and used helmet-mounted cameras to explore the labyrinth of military bunkers with the assistance of local ghost tour operators and park rangers.

The collaboration and partnership with Parks Victoria, VicHealth MOTION program and Creative Environment Enterprises is about ' Getting Physical’ – by using alternative ways to be active and engaged.