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Fun Run

Fun Run

Presented by All the Queens Men

When the Greek messenger Pheidippides was sent to Athens to announce the Persian’s defeat in the battle of Marathon, he ran the entire distance without stopping, burst into the Athenian assembly and died on the spot. FUN RUN is his story…

FUN RUN is not merely homage to Pheidippides, but a riotous spectacle that pushes the limits of endurance. Humphrey, the fearless hero in tight packed lycra shorts and nipple pasties, runs a gruelling 42kms on a treadmill supported by massive visual effects,a booming soundtrack, a silky-voiced MC and hundreds of performers and athletes from the wider local community. Join the fun and cheer on our running man Humphrey. Will he hit the wall or complete his quest?

FUN RUN is a huge free event for the whole family that really has it all – bouncing pom-poms, bulging muscles, cyclist’s calves and even a flash mob that will have everyone moving.

"And it was fun. What fun. You could hear it from blocks away. But what made this event so curiously subversive was the lack of cues that clued us in that it was Art. Countless passersby wondered what they were watching – a charity event? A corporate stunt? A sporting spectacle? It was all of these things, kind of, or parodies of each. It definitely involved the city in a truly remarkable way, and as the sun set and the runner entered the final leg of the race the atmosphere was electric among onlookers still none the wiser as to why they were even there. A gold medal affair." - John Bailey, The Age Newspaper, Australia.


2015 ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Finland

Creation and Performing: Tristan Meecham
Production, Choreography and Performing: Bec Reid
Direction: Willoh S Weiland (Aphids)
Sound and Visual Art: Nick Roux
Production Management: Emily O’Brien

2015 Ansan Street Arts Festival, South Korea

Creator: Tristan Meecham
Producer and Choreographer: Bec Reid
Director: Willoh S Weiland

Artistic and Production Team: Tristan Meecham, Bec Reid, Willoh S Weiland, Nick Roux, Emily O Brien, Hyun-Jin Yim, Hyemin Han
Fun Run Performers: Tristan Meecham, Bec Reid, Younghee Park

Producers: All The Queens Men and Ansan Street Arts Festival

2013 Sydney Festival Hyde Park, Sydney

Created by Tristan Meecham
Artistic and Production Team: Tristan Meecham, Bec Reid, Willoh S Weiland, Lara Thoms, Martyn Coutts, Liz Dunn, Luke Smiles, Lauren Beck, Jarrod Factor, Emily O Brien, Freya Waterson

Fun Run Performers: Tristan Meecham, Bec Reid, Mike Steel, Zoe Coombs Marr, James Shannon, Kyle Kremerskothen, Jacinda Richards, Jess Devereaux, Julia Mardjuki, Holly Durant, Lee Serle, Jullian Crotti.

Community Performers: Hump's Athenian Army, Balance and UTS Tri Club, Physique Aerobics, Marching Koalas, Northern Beaches Gymstars, Northbridge Knockouts, Harbour City Bears, CFC Fitness Fusion, The Running Company, Salsa Republic, Team Mojo, Sydney Roller Derby League, Crossfit Bondi and CBPT Gym.
Produced By Freya Waterson, Insite Arts

2011 Darwin Festival

Created by Tristan Meecham
Artistic and Production Team: Tristan Meecham, Bec Reid, Willoh S Weiland, Lara Thoms, Jarrod Factor, Brain Robertson, Rita Khayat

Fun Run Performers: Tristan Meecham, Bec Reid, Sam Routledge, Ian Heazlewood, Daniel Cunningham, Kristy Rickerts and the Rix Kix Dancers.

Community Performers: Neon Dance Corps, D*City Rockers, Monkey Bar Gymnasium, Ferwood Fitness, Grey Panthers, Darwin Gymnastics Club, Darwin Triathlete Club

Produced by: Tristan Meecham and Bec Reid with Darwin Festival

2010 Next Wave Festival, City Square, Melbourne, Australia, 2010

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Image credits: Bryony Jackson, Jorge de Araujo and Sheridan Mills