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Void Love: Online

Void Love: Online


Are the forces that move the stars and atoms dependent on the forces of the human heart?

Void Love is an online soap opera about space.


VOID LOVE, an online soap opera about space has been developed through a residency with Swinburne University’s Department of AstroPhysics and Supercomputing – a leading institute in the discovery of new galaxies in our universe and next generation astronomy.

VOID LOVE follows on from an ongoing interest by Aphids Artistic Director – Willoh S. Weiland into the inter-galactic unknown. In 2008, Willoh conceived Yelling at Stars, Australia’s first transmission into Deep Space which was broadcast live from The Sydney Myer Music Bowl.

VOID LOVE features interviews with leading astronomy scientists such as Dr Christopher Fluke, the deep voice of Kamahl as narrator, and the inimitable Bollywood classics scoring the weighty issues at the heart of the cosmos. Willoh’s residency at Swinburne was supported by ANAT (Australian Network for Art and Technology) Synapse initiative

Original concept by Willoh S.Weiland & Nicky Forster with Andy Lane, Doctor Christopher Fluke, Christie Stott, Matthew Gingold & Robert Douglas Sola.

Void Love Preview by AphidsArts

Void Love is presented by The Australian Network for Art and Technology and Swinburne University in association with the Australian Government through
the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.