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Yelling At Stars

Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne
Yelling At Stars
Aphids and Next Wave present

Yelling at Stars

A transmission into outer space

Messages have been sent into space since the 1970's.
As yet nothing has been heard back...

Yelling at Stars was Australia's first inter-stellar message to be transmitted deep into outer space on the closing nights of the 2008 Next Wave Festival at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

The transmission was a 40-minute sound, audiovisual and performance work prefaced with an introduction by SBS Television’s World News Australia presenter Anton Enus.

The live performance was recorded and streamed live to Deep Space Communications Network in Florida, USA, where it was converted into radio waves and transmitted approximately 4 light years into space.
The performance was supported by a major web-based component, in which the ‘Yelling at Stars’ team lead viewers through the many philosophical and scientific issues involved in interstellar communications. This can be viewed at www.yellingatstars.com.au


Project Director/Writer & Performer: Willoh S. Weiland
Pictures & Web Design+Build: Andrew Fraiser
Sound Design + Composition: Pip Norman AKA Count Bounce
Research Writer: Nicky Forster
Production Manager: Richard Vabre
Astronomy Consultant: Dr. Christopher Fluke

Original Presentation

Next Wave Festival, The Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne, Victoria, 2008