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About Supermassive

About Supermassive
Supermassive is Aphids’ program to engage and support the development of interdisciplinary arts community in Australia and beyond. As one of the leading hybrid art companies in the country, Aphids looks to forge and sustain relationships with early career artists, building partnerships and pathways for future opportunities.

Supermassive demonstrates an artist-led company committed to broadening the knowledge and sustainability of arts practices that share and expand Aphids’ artistic methodologies and formally hybrid approach.

Supermassive encompasses four programs: Internships, Mentorships, Secondments and Workshops.

Aphids has been running a residencies and mentoring scheme since 2007 to provide support and significant professional national and international, tailored and self-directed development opportunities to over 30 young and emerging artists working in music and cross-artform practice.

The Supermassive program has been made possible by the generous support of Margaret Lawrence Bequest.

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Image: work by Hannah Bronte, 2015 Supermassive program