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Photo: Bryony Jackson
Festival of Live Art
Meat Market
Saturday 5 March, 8.30pm (60 mins)
Do those who object to contemporary art prefer community parades? Howl is a celebration of 15 significant moments in art history. A ritual procession starring a sculpture of Captain Cook, thousands of sunflower seeds and a killer whale named Tilikum. A requiem that is unquestionably queer, arguably dangerous and probably obscene. Performed by three women. Scored by Mozart himself.
Forever Now
Image: Bryony Jackson
Live art performances, a broadcast into outer space at the MONA FOMA Festival and presentations across the globe in Berlin, Barbados, Adelaide, Lithuania, Hobart, South Korea, Finland and Melbourne - we have probably had our most epic year yet.
Aphids Artistic Director Willoh S. Weiland has won the ANTI Festival International Prize for Live Art, one of Finland’s most prestigious awards. The prize was announced in Kuopio, FInland where Willoh was directing All the Queens Mens' Fun Run.