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11-14 April 2018
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Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
Photo: Bryony Jackson
An adaptation of Jean Rhys' novel Wide Sargasso Sea. Halcyon Macleod and Willoh S.Weiland reframe Rhys' White-Creole experience - an Australian woman encounters the horrific rot of her colonial heritage.

current-projects/Artefact Screening
ACMI, Melbourne & Kuopio, Finland
6:30PM, 3 Nov
Photo: JR Brennan
Premiere screenings of the Artefact film in both Kuopio, Finland and at ACMI as part of their ART + FILM series. A funeral for obsolete technology created by Willoh S.Weiland and JR Brennan.
Kuopio, Finland
28 October
ANTI Festival
Photo: Bryony Jackson
A funeral for obsolete technology. Commissioned by the ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Finland. Created by Willoh S.Weiland and JR Brennan.

Festival of Live Art
Photo: Bryony Jackson
Festival of Live Art
Meat Market
Saturday 5 March, 8.30pm
Sunday 6 March, 6pm
Do those who object to contemporary art prefer community parades? Howl is a celebration of 15 significant moments in art history. A ritual procession starring a sculpture of Captain Cook, thousands of sunflower seeds and a killer whale named Tilikum. A requiem that is unquestionably queer, arguably dangerous and probably obscene. Performed by three women. Scored by Mozart himself.
29/30 APRIL, 1 MAY, 4.30pm
Photo: John Possemato
Lz Dunn, with sound artist Lawrence English, investigates the enchanting nature of migratory birds and the annual epic, threatened journeys they make across a shifting globe in search of rest, food and a nest.