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current-projects/Crawl Me Blood
29 August -1 September 2018
In partnership with Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria,
Melbourne Writers Festival, Vitalstatistix, Salamanca Arts Centre and Performing Lines.
Photo: Bryony Jackson
An adaptation of Jean Rhys' novel Wide Sargasso Sea. Halcyon Macleod and Willoh S.Weiland reframe Rhys' White-Creole experience - an Australian woman encounters the horrific rot of her colonial heritage.

Theatre Garonne & Printemps de septembre, Toulouse, France
Theatre Garonne
26-30 September
Photo: John Possemato
Lz Dunns’ meditation on migratory birds and their cohabitation within urban spaces has been presented across the world since its original performance for Next Wave in 2012. In its final flight Flyway will be shown at the prestigious Printemps de septembre festival in partnership with Theatre Garonne in Toulouse, France.
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
Photo: Bryony Jackson
Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
Friday 27 July, 7.30pm
Saturday 28 July, 7.30pm
Do those who object to contemporary art prefer community parades? Howl is a celebration of 15 significant moments in art history. A ritual procession starring a sculpture of Captain Cook, thousands of sunflower seeds and a killer whale named Tilikum. A requiem that is unquestionably queer, arguably dangerous and probably obscene. Performed by three women. Scored by Mozart himself.
current-projects/Artefact Screening
Perth Cultural Centre Screen
28 July, 5.15pm
Disrupted Festival of Ideas
Photo: JR Brennan
Join us at the Perth Cultural Centre screen, phone in hand, and witness this ceremony to obsolete technology. A funeral for obsolete technology created by Willoh S.Weiland and JR Brennan.